Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Ups and Downs

I haven't knitted all weekend.

I'm not in the mod to be honest with you.

J and i broke up on Sunday. I'm pretty much devastated, and as i'm sure he doesn't read this, its safe to carry on here.

He slept with his ex on Friday. It was a one-off, they were both drunk (or high). She did it to get back at her current boyfriend. Is it just me, or are some women sick? Its ok for her, her relationship didn't break. Mine did. The man i was with decided that if he was going to do it once, he still loved her and that he didn't want to be in a relationship with anyone. That includes me.

I don't get it...i would never sleep with someone who was with someone else...not in a million years unless i was sure that we were going to end up together. She doesn't want him, yet she still did it. There was a lot of 'i know which buttons to press' going on, and probably a bit of 'nice to know i still can' a bit of an ego boost.

I know that he's not innocent, and that he shouldn't have done it, but i can forgive him. I knew when we staarted the relationship that he still had feelings for her, and that he was probably very high at the time. Therefore, i can forgive him because he's been fucked over and used by her.

I hate people. I hate other people. Why can't people just have decent morals? Do i have 'Use me for a rebound and the fuck someone else' tattooed on my forehead?

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