Friday, 28 August 2009


This has been a week fo goodbyes. I said goodbye to V on Monday. It was quite emotional...but no tears yet, then on Tuesday, it was L, again, no tears. Yesterday it was Loopy, and still no tears, and then today it was JB.

Its a bit odd, i keep saying to these people 'byeee...see you soon' as if i'll be seeing them next week, or next month...not at least a year down the line!

I go on Sunday at 12:30...then i arrive in CQ at 16:05 local time - its going to be one hell of a jetlag to get over!! 22 and a half hours travelling to get there!!

I'm all packed. I sent my boxes over on monday, so they should be there anyday soon, and i've packed my hold luggage. Just got to wait until the very last minute to finish packing my cabin luggage (because i have to add my hard drive to the case).

Did you know that you can only take 20kg on the plane? What a stupid limit!! The US has a limit of 22kg a bag - 2bag maximum - so double what we have. That's because Europe has signed the IATA agreement to cut down on emissions...apparently. Personally, because of my previous job, i think its so that they can sell more space to courier companies. My boxes are probably going on the same plane as i am, but it was cheaper to send them by courier than pay excess baggage...

Ho Hum...Maybe it will kick in soon that i am going 3000 miles away...for a long time, and its not just round the corner, and unless people decide to have a holiday in the far east, i won't be seeing them for a very long time. It hasn't kicked in yet. I still have this weird feeling of something's going to happen so that i don't go. As long as i don't get swine flu by Sunday/Monday, all should be fine!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Final Farewells

A lot of people don't seem to realise that i am leaving for some time!
I've just come back from being in York for the weekend. It was really enjoyable, except for the fact that i'm finding that people don't realise...i aksed a few people out for drinks and got answers like 'i can't at the moment', or 'are you about next week?'. Now, i live 200 miles away - its very rare that i'm ever in York for more than a weekend.

As soon as i informed these people that i was going away for a long time, they wwere free, but that's not the point - the point is that its a rarity that i get to travel that far for a few days, mainly to see people...and then they can't be bothered!

Maybe one day i'll have some friends who actually do bother, and who are keen to see me. Who knows?!