Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Amazon and the Jumping Credit Card

Well...I've managed to spend money on Amazon today.

I was supposed to be in work...and i turned up, but apparently I's booked today off as holiday as well as yesterday and Monday.

Going to York on Friday to stay with people who love me. I'm planning to go to DV80s on Friday ngiht and then have a night in with Smurf and Bert on far...

So...back to Amazon - i went on to get some books about China. I need some books for travelling, and some phrasebooks and stuff. £30 later...i've got 5 books about China coming!

I've emailed the man running the programme to tell him that i will be applying this year, i just need to get my passport through the post so that i can fill in the last bits of the application. Hopefully, the passport will be here by Tuesday, which i slightly later than he wanted the application in by, but hopefully the email will have worked. I've also got to bug the people writing my references to get them to hurry up, then i can send him everything but the passport page.

Fingers crossed!! I will be updating this more regularly now. I'd forgotten how cathartic it is to blog. My Livejournal account from years ago just ended up being a place that i complained a lot in...

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