Saturday, 24 April 2010


I'm moving the blog to

I don't have to use a proxy to access it, which makes life a lot easier!!

So, please continue following there!


Thursday, 11 March 2010

weights and measures

Can someone please tell me how to weigh things using spoons?

I made some semolina today from a box that i brought back from the UK...and it was lovely...but it was yellow and turned into a brick when it cooled! i guessed the weights of the semolina and sugar (and the amount of milk...).

I've found some wonderful recipes for microwave cake too, so i'll be giving those a go as soon as i work out the Chinese for 'Self Raising Flour'. Sawyer keeps translating it and laughing and telling me that flowers always raise themselves in the sun...

I might have to cave in and buy some scales...

I will have to make some banana bread at some point. When i was ill, Mark bought me a huge fruit basket, and the bananas are going from green to rubbish...there's no spotty ones! I like my bananas spotty! It did have dragon fruit in it. Dragon fruits are so pretty, they're oval, pink and spiky. The inside looks like it should be like sorbet, but its like a solid melon consistency. I'll take a pic of the remaining half.

Must buy a whisk...i feel bananas and custard (and baked apples...everyone seemed to get me apples when i was ill!) and i need a whisk to make custard!

I'm so glad that i've found some microwave baking recipes. it makes me feel like i can cook real food again. Can't find any recipes for microwave biscuits though...if you have one, put it in the comments!

Ooooh...oooh....drama today! I was cleaning the bathroom and i broke the sink...the pipe that goes from the plughole to the floor drain...broke it clean off! Luckily, it got fixed pretty quickly! I think they had visions of my bathroom flooding!!

I've got to go and see Mark this week, i'll probably go after class tomorrow. Apparently, he can help me get a job next year. I can't stand Mark, but i'll have to suck it up and go see him to see who he knows in Xi'An. Then i've got to work out how to get all my stuff to Xi'An in July.

I'm still trying to work out whether to change my flight to come home in July. If i come home as soon as college finishes in June, then i can get a job for a couple of months in the UK to earn money to come back. If i come home at the end of July, as is the plan at the moment, then i only have a month to earn lots of money.

Does anyone know of a temporary job for July/August?

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

RIP Corey Haim

Its not often that i post an RIP post for someone i don't know, but having spent many a happy hour watching The Lost Boys, finding it a film that i can watch and get lost in, it is with a great sadness that i say RIP Corey Haim. Child star of the 80s, sadly as damaged as any other.

Fingers crossed that Lost Boys 3: The Thirst will be a more fitting memorium than Lost Boys 2: The Tribe.

Internedt access again!

I finally have internet access again! There are so many post waiting to go up as well!

I've got Christmas, New Year and all the travelling to tell you about! Its been a bit of a whirlwind, i feel like i've been round half the world in the last couple of months.

Can't stop too long at the moment, we're going to meet the new people at Paisi, the other college in Hechuan tonight. I've also been chosen to randomly check some of the Oral Exam marks as well.

I've been a bit unwell, i had a really heavy cold last week that i was sure was pneumonia, but i went to the doctor, he had a look at my tongue, i had 2 drip things (i don't know what was in them, but it worked!) and a load of tablets, and i'm about 90% better now.

I promise, o faithful readers that i will update more often. I've got to start updating soon, i have so many pictures to share and things to talk about. Its been an amazing journey round China and i definitely feel the need to share!