Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Getting Closer

Its all getting closer.

I looked on my calendar at work yesterday and realised that i have 16 more days at work left. This doesn't include the holiday i've booked. 16 more days...

That's not a lot!

I've been putting in steps to replace myself as well. We're holding elections for the new ECF (Employee Consultative Forum) rep for our area. This is quite amusing. It always amazes me how many people aren't prepared to stand up for anything. There are people who will complain about 'the way it is', or 'the ways its done', but they won't do anything about it! There;s a third of the workgroup that work different hours to me. They're the ones that always have something to say, they always have an issue to be brought up at the ECF. comes to voting for a new rep and they dont' bother!! Why is that? No doubt they'll grumble at who is voted in, and then they'll complain a lot to and about them...but they do nothing to change it!

16 working days...

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